Veronica wins again lol


figures …

congrats though

wish i didnt buy 30 out of the 66 tickets sold LOL!


lol! I bought 20 tickets myself. Sorry slomofo.




I suck at teh lottery.


Re: RE: veronica wins again lol

me too …i need to start posting alot to regain my tokens lol


why can’t I win??? :dunno


haha!! You have been winning, you lotto whore! lol ;_


I see now…its rigged…another 10 down the hole


I actually bought two tickets just for shits and grins. I knew I wouldn’t win though. My psychic friends network telephone talking lady person told me I didn’t stand an ice-cubes chance in hell. I knew I should have listened to her. Damn you Dionne Warwick!


what a scam this lotto thing is


well the same peops keep winning…its time to go on a killing spree


What lotto thing? I need to get out more. All work and no playing. I did get to play last night :hump . All night, well about 2 hours.


Good thing i haven’t bought 1 ticket :fu


Re: RE: veronica wins again lol

Pot, Meet Kettle. :smiley:

Veronica (i think that’s the first time I’ve ever called her by her full name)… you suck. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :booze


this is all I have to say >>>>


you’ve said too much