Very funny scamming email


very funny scamming email, kinda long, but its good.


That’s cool, I like some of the stories at too bad their servers are down right now. I love catching scammers.



who is that stupid enough to want to see their mistakes in a scamming attempt :dunno :dunno :dunno


who is that stupid enough to want to see their mistakes in a scamming attempt :dunno :dunno :dunno[/quote]
ummm, a scammer that inspires to do better next time perhaps. :smiley:


haha I’ve done that quite a few times! go try to buy a sportbike on eBay… you’ll notice half of the buy it now R1’s, Hyabusa’s, etc. that are near new have buy it now’s for half of what their worth with pre-approved bidders only. Those are the scams and at any given time theirs a dozen of them. They all give you the “I’m out of the country but send the money to my friend and he’ll give you the bike and the change” lol.


I hate people like this!! WTF is wrong w/ them?


Aren’t these kind of scammers being caught and arrested? Fraud is a crime, isn’t it? :think


yea… but its hard to catch people like this online and pin everything on them… you would have to make a police report in the town the person is doing the scams… other wise nothing can REALLY be done… :frowning:


kinda stupid isnt it? but i guess you gotta be kinda dumb to go for something like this so…


I hate to admit it, but I was actually taken like this a few years ago.

I was trying to buy a 3rd Gen Camaro. Looked around for about a month, and finally came across this particular car in Indiana. I wrote him about it, he wrote me back, etc etc… The car wasn’t perfect. It had some issues, and the miles were a little high, but the price was good. Not too good to be true good, but lower than a lot of guys were asking.

Had him send me pictures. Had him start it up over the phone so I could hear it start cold, bla bla bla. LOL I even heard him yell at one of his kids for sitting on the hood.

He wanted to do a wire transfer for the money, but I wasn’t so sure. I told him I would send him a deposit, and give him the rest when I got the car. Well, my wife and I didn’t really talk about it, and the guy was so trust worthing (sounding) that the previous night we were actually talking about doing it. Well, he called her while I was at work, gave her the account numbers, etc… $5K went out, and that was the last we ever heard of him. :barf

His phone was disconnected. His email account came up as invalid. Everything. I filed for leave, and was going to go down there, but everybody talked me into letting the law handle it.

The extent of their investigation was to send him a certified letter, and when it wasn’t returned, they concluded that he didn’t live there.

A few days later was 9/11, and a short time after that I was on my way over to the Middle East. Damn that was a big “oops.” It’ll never happen again though, so I guess it was worth it. :dunno


Dude…That sucks BIG TIME.


That really sucks Intruder. 5K is alot of cash.
I got scammed once. I just came out of Circuit City after looking at Video cameras. When I left the store, a guy was outside and came up to me and asked if I’d like to buy a new video cam, because his friend works for a trucking company and gets them really cheap. It just so happend I was looking at a Sony and he just so happened to mention the same brand I was looking at, but he only wanted 165 bux. Well it’s a 800 dollar cam, so I said hellz ya… He said to go to his appartment just around the corner in 30 minutes and he gave me the address. When I got there, he came out of the appartment and came to my car and said I have to wait here because his friend is sketchy and doesn’t want the neighbors get suspicious. So I gave him the cash and waited…and waited…and waited. Then I went to the door and knocked. I looked in and the place was empty!!! The door was unlocked, so I went in to find the back door open and him gone. Only 165, but damn, alot of trouble for 165 bux. I hate that feeling of getting ripped off.


WOW that does suck about the Cam but youll have been reading about the foriegners scaming you for money to help who ever back home >>>>>>>> I got 3 of those Emails and just deleted them … they even go in Ebay and do this


Don’t you hate that sinking feeling you get in your gut as your start to realize you’ve been ripped? … Geez there are some assholes out there.


Yea it does SUCK but i read every day how on Ebay they post stuff … that doesnt even exist and there losing MILLIONS … and once its one its gone …BUTS whats so bad is the old folks they target them … and to me that really sucks cause they have no way to make back the money taken from them :dunno :dunno