Very sad day!


i finally came to the conclusion that i am going to sell my stang… :booze :booze i am looking into buying a house here very soon and that extra payment just for her to sit in the driveway is slowing that process down. all the other info is posted on MM, so check it out if anyone is interested…

and now for a moment of silence…


Sorry :frowning:

That really sucks you have to sell your car. But, I understand.


sent you an email dude.


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how are they with car inspections down there???


as long as you know the right people… :smiley: its all good


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i may have an issue with that up here.?.?.?.?


? you might not be able to get it inspected…whats it need to pass? talkin to the bank right now about gettin the $$$


my exhuast setup is not legal, up here anywhere. the dumps and the longtubes are what make it not. from what i was told anyway. they fail everyone up here for stupid shit!!


i don’t care about loudness or anything. will it pass emissions? can you/i make it pass emisions?


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i would talk to someone down there that knows how much they will let you get away with. i kinda had a hook up with this past inspection and i don’t know how much he let go… i don’t see why it wouldn’t pass emissions.?.? again, i am not %100 sure about that.


no one around here really cares about long tubes/dumps. thiers cops out here that drive broncos with pipes coming strai outta the headers so…still waiting on the bank to call back.


thats cool, let me know… i am talking to my buddy now about getting the tranny rebuilt. i will let you know what up with that when i find out!!!


werd, still haven’t heard from the bank, very promising though. would it be able to be driven not as a daily driver, but as like a friday sat, sunday car, and on special occasions without any real probs?


or is it strickly race?


if you are talking about driving it like it is before the tranny is rebuilt, then NO. after the tranny is rebuilt, you can drive her as long as your keep putting gas in her(93oct!!!) i drove it as a DD up until last month or so when i got the 91. i have driven the car to pa and back with on problems at all. alot of the miles on the car are highway miles anyway. like i said in the first post, she is a “Wednesday” built mustang.


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oh… NO… you could use it as a daily driver… you might have to get use to the cam though. it does cam pretty hard. you might find out that she does eat the shit out of some gas though. if you get it, i will give you the full run down on the tune and everything.


well, i’ve been in the market for a car right now anyway and i’m VERY VERY interested. still no word from bank yet( i think the lady is at lunch)


finally got ahold of the lady at the bank, conference call with her at 230 to talk about the loan. pm you soon with answer… :banana


let me know brotha… people are blowing up my phone and email asking about the car… :tard :tard


sent you pm :tard