Video camera help


can anyone PLEASE help me??? THANKS!!!


ill get joe to assist you… but he is busy right this second. give him a minute or two.


THANKS Veronica!!! thats what i was hoping you would do!!! yea, you can just tell hi to go to mustangforums, i sent him a PM there :wink: i really need his help, he is teh MASTER when it comes to this stuff! thanks again!


he will be in tonight right?


He should be… He is playing halo right now… SO i will try to ask him and get him to tell me what to tell you… I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:


awsome thanks, i really need it, thanks! :banana


oh noes!!! it’s post whore Bobby!!! lol


i need help tho… lol! whad up steed?


not much pal. What’s the problem? editing?


Ok, saw the post. It must be edited using software. For MD’s video to be 7 megs, it was COMPRESSED…probably using Mpeg 4 format. Try that.


hwo do i do that with pinnacle 9?


HAHAHA!!! I love that name. :funnah
I’ll go read your Cam question PWB and see if I can help.

EDIT: Never mind, I don’t use Pinnaclel.


You should be able to “save as” a Mpeg4. Try that.


i went to save project as, and under type, all it says is

studio files
studio DV
studio CD10plus
and all files :wtf


try as studio files.


he didnt want my help :frowning: He was mean to me.


ok, when i do that, i can only open it in pinnacle, not media player? THIS IS SOOOO CONFUSING!!!


I think you’ll be able to open it in media player.

Hey, got a better suggestion. You doing this to show Vids on a website? Why not save the video to the memory stick. That’ll save it as a Mpeg 4 format.


well, dont have one, when i go to the make movie tab and then under presets, do i select somethign there? like mpeg4cif for internet? when i do that, it takes me to this site wanting me to buy somehting for like 10 bucks???