Visit Scotland, ha

Day trip today, lovely weather!

Hillend by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

Lothianburn by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

Edinburgh by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

Stand tall by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

Spring in Rosslyn by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

Hope you like. :slight_smile:

visit scotland?..ok,you have have lots of beer and you have old castles…do you have anything good?:wink:

good pics by the way

Nice pics! :thumbup

PS. I’m on my way :smiley:


Great shots!

I’d love to come to Scotland… :smiley:

Thanks satin! Hop on a plane… NOW! :smiley:

I wish… :wink:

That second picture… wow. Just beautiful!

Wow, awesome shots! moves Scotland up on travel list

lovely path!

Hehe, thanks a lot everyone! Glad you all like, and are considering Scotland as a country to visit. :smiley:

Lovely pictures! My grandmother’s family is from Scotland so I’ve wanted to go and visit the places they’ve lived.

Nice pics

OoOooO! I’m coming flip :wink:

can i watch?:24:

Im speachless its amazeing

That’s cool, definitely worth a visit, and not just saying that because I’m Scottish. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha!! :wink:


Thank you, much appreciated!

Once my kilt is ready I will fly to Scotland

Great photos! Very pretty!

Once your kilt is ready? Have you went to get one tailored or something?