Vote with your wallet


Do you vote with your wallet?

  • No, nothing I buy or not buy includes political reasons
  • Yes, I generally allow a small price increase if it’s a domestic product
  • Yes, I never buy non-domestic produce
  • Yes, I have the BuyPartisan app on my phone
  • Yes, I participate in the BDS (boycott Israel) movement
  • Yes, I participate in the Boycott America movement
  • Yes, I participate in boycotting zero hours companies
  • Yes, I avoid produce which has been outed as produced in sweat shops / low pay
  • Yes, I avoid companies which are activist (Ben & Jerrys etc. & conservative donor equivalents)
  • Yes, I avoid companies which back down to SJWism/Cons. (Cadbury’s etc. & conservative equivalents)
  • Yes, I avoid products which are Halal/Kosher food (Subway fast food, Asda meat etc.)
  • Yes, but for other reasons

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i thought i covered close to everything, my poll looks like a paragraph


Clicked on the wrong thing


Anyone who doesn’t buy Halal/Kosher is doing it to make a statement; in comparison to most methods of slaughter there is nothing brutal about it. Take a look at how McDonalds chicken nuggets are made next time you whinge about Subway.


It’s because foreign, sometimes hostile cultures are slowly creeping in their influence, often without being welcome


You can’t taste the difference, it has literally no impact on you whatsoever, it just puts Muslims and Jews at ease. I am perfectly happy to eat the congealed meat of baby chicks who have been mashed up in an industrial blender every time I go to McDonalds, so would be a hypocrite to be skeptical of eating the steak of a Cow whose throat has been slit in a certain way.


by preparing meat differently.


I don’t mind paying a touch more for domestic produce.


Other than A) it being prayed on B) it being regularly criticised, more than others, for being violent to animals and C) mostly only exposed in the media, and never labeled and D) encroaching on culture.

I buy meat in good faith I am getting regular meat. Receiving halal meat in discreet is to me no different than receiving horse meat I never wanted. False/lack of labeling.

If I want halal I buy halal. If I want normal food, I don’t want halal. I don’t want it to encroach on society. When you buy from a kebab shop you buy with good faith that you are receiving halal meat. When you buy from a supermarket or a high street fast food you buy with good faith you are receiving British conventional meat.


Oh no, someone said some magic words that you don’t believe in to the meat you’re eating?
How very tragic.



I don’t care personally. Just stating reasons.

My own are a natural prejudice and inclination to not support Islamic businesses. Except for kebabs, I enjoy being hypocritical on that. But that’s in good faith, I agree to what I buy. Unlike halal meat from British supermarkets, as I say above.


I very rarely pay a little extra for domestic produce (bc poor student), so I just put that I don’t buy for political reasons, but also because I just don’t care enough to boycott certain brands/countries.


Although for some reason I feel more comfortable eating domestic foods e.g. meats (hygiene/standards I guess? although these are probably enforced as they enter the country…) I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them.


But when I do buy meat its from the butcher which is locally sourced anyway…


Yeah, the inspection standards of this country are wonderful.

Which is why we only found out about the infiltration of horse meat after France told us.

So you inherently do not buy foreign meat in the first place. Not sure why you disagree with my position since you’ve never been in a position to try.

Why don’t you buy meat in a supermarket?


tfw you purposely buy domestic caged eggs



that reminds me, I should put environmental/animal rights reasons on that poll … many do buy only free range.


Because I live in a rural village hence its easier to pick up meat from a butcher.

For my favourite type of sub-meat, chorizo, however I need to buy in the supermarket so thats an exception.

free range 4 life


Rational-choice economists must be fuming.


Fuck that, I’m buying cheapest, 15 medium eggs for £1.09 is a steal.