Vote with your wallet


Did you eat meat on your holiday adventures to Turkey?

/literally ever tried halal meat?


i dont like or eat eggs anyway so thats -£1.09 for when I’m a student :stuck_out_tongue:



But I’m trying to transition to being a vegetarian. My constant craving of fast food disagrees with me though.


McDonalds, Nandos so probably

Think you’re forgetting I live 30 minutes away from Bradford :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of the products I always buy are usually local produce anyway. So I might as well choose the pay extra for domestic products - I find them to be better quality.

I only eat Ben and Jerry’s because it tastes better. I didn’t realise there would be a political side to it.


I remember vividly that on the campaign trail they gave free ice cream to Bernie.

and not even to Hillary… horrifying!


Generally speaking, I do not ‘vote with my wallet’ because I either cannot afford to or I do not have the choice. So much of the rhetoric surrounding this topic is classist and it puts the onus working people to try and reduce their standard of living rather than on bussinesses to pursue ethical practices.

There is no ethical consumption under captialism.


They have a UK-wide ban on Halal meat. They drop any suppliers which use halal meat.

They only do halal if you specifically ask for it in a certain small number of restaurants.

and you were not remotely put off the thought?

I mean fair enough if not, but what’s the point in attempting to attack me for a view which you’re never going to face like an armchair activist.


That’s fine because ethics is a spook anyway


Not attacking you! Everyone’s welcome to the view. I mean I wouldn’t ‘ban’ halal so to speak as I wouldn’t ban killing animals for meat either.

You can’t really choose in a muslim country anyway (well it’s definitely going that way since Erdogan took power.)


Neat—so you’ve read Stirner’s Wikipedia page as well?


fuck em

its GREAT britain for a reason


No, I study philosophy at university.


I try to avoid buying meat products in general, and encourage family members to do the same.


It’s an odd reference nonetheless.


Wouldn’t even know, I have an irrational love of overly expensive gelato shops (think Costa/Starbucks but for ice cream). Other than that I only ever take Magnum’s, especially the double caramel ones. Don’t really like tub ice cream it’s plasticky.


It’s correct tho.

And if you think it’s odd then you have clearly not been here long enough.


Omg, you have to try it. It’s amazing. Especially Chocolate Fudge Brownie. It’s 10/10.

Magnum’s are like plastic compared to a good B&J Chocolate Fudge Brownie.


>not going for Cookie Dough B&J

Absolute cretin


Not a fan of the cookies inside. When you find a fudge bit in the chocolate it is like gold - and I’m not a big fan of fudge.