Voting for Community Rep



VOTE for nationalist libertarian, and you will have your nationalism grasped thoroughly, It will be tremendous.






Hip, hip!


Election advertisement


I would have kept it anonymous, at least 2 people voted for me as when it reached 20 voters i had 7%

But regardless




Surrender to my democracy or you gonna taste some freedom :wink:


“oops, I deleted the back-end code”
“oops, I deleted the poll”


Never knew Hillary became an admin on Youth Debate.


I’m bad with tech, deal with it.


Yeah lord tutton was mod for a bit but left without telling anyone


“I’m bad with the thing I am in charge of, deal with it”

and u wonder why users don’t like u


I’m not even going to properly comment on how horrible this makes you sound.


Rule 1 in youth debates, never get into an argument of spite with ricky, it will always end badly.


Yeah lol


Frankie isn’t “in charge” of dealing with the code, shaz is.


I have voted for @lordtutton as he nominated himself whilst drunk. Be more like tutton.


Free bevvy for you my man


lmao then she shouldn’t be ripping random stuff out of it