Voting for Community Rep


why should I care what you think

I shit on lake for over a year and I don’t get a peep from you, but the moment I rip on frankie you decide to speak up.

The thirst is so real on this forum.


'Community rep’
Relevant or important in any way.


put a \ in front of the >


I should be winning this.

Cleary rigged.

God damn it Ruskies


How about you don’t “shit on” anyone?


how about you stop thirsting after a girl on the internet and get a life


So, if you actually want to be friends with a girl, or just don’t want people being an asshole to them then you’re “thirsting.”

Maybe every time you’re nice to a girl you’re “thirsting” but I’m not. And to be fair, what does it matter that Frankie’s a girl, you should show some decency towards everyone.


It’s been a long, tough campaign, and the end is now in site. I’d like to wish everyone a well-fought campaign and best of luck as election night draws to a close.


It was like 3 or 4 days long. Pretty short. But then again, you must have much lower expectations for ‘long’ and ‘tough.’ Insert Josh Waller has a tiny dick joke


Poor @StephanieXO


It was a joking reference to speeches made by politicians at the end of a campaign. :stuck_out_tongue:


And my response was a joke referring to your lack of dick size


There’s nothing wrong with it.


What I lack in dick size I make up for in ego.





The U.S might live with Trump, guess we have to live with this one.


That’s the spirit!


You get what you give.



look’n really fuck’n close guys


It’s been a really close race, but sources in the Waller camp report a sense of “cautious optimism”.