Voting for Community Rep


/>when he PMs you saying he will vote for you then votes for Oli

GET FUKT @Josh_Waller





/>tfw below “none of the above”

y even life


quick put up a flag in some random unknown place and wait for 4chan to find it!


It’s \ not /


It was an accident. I may have deleted the code, but I also spent 7 hours learning to write the code to replace it.


based frankie


@Hedonologist @Cameron @notspish

Why did you vote none of the above?


We should have a second round of voting seeing as Waller is no longer above 50%.


The votes on till wednesday according to the original poll.


Changing the rules mid-election?

You’d like that, wouldn’t you.


don’t like the idea of the position, puts a further divide between staff and the most of the community.


Oli is standing against this role btw


Oli wants to abolish the position if he gets in.


switched my vote


Could you elaborate on this further? In my eyes, the position helps put together a fragmented staff and community.


It puts one more barrier between the staff and community.


Isn’t that basically what Oli is saying? Unite voters? :wink:


because we have 7 mods on a site with 30-50 people. it’s like a goddamn daycare, we don’t need another random ass position to add to the current mess. the mods have eyes and can read, they can do this job themselves if they just attempted to reach out more. we don’t need 7 mods and a community rep, when there are 5 people per mod, they can just ask the mods themselves.

with the community rep position, they talk to the rep instead of them directly, and the rep is just echoing what the community is saying.


“why is the header fucked up and the new threads category hidden?”
“based Frankie is on the job, slaayy queeeen”