Voting for Community Rep


All the emails brought me back. Stop spamming me. I think Ben Attwood is the best candidate. Nuff said.

Roleplay GM Applications

I’d rather take down the position by having Josh elected, but with no one giving a shit so the position essentially becomes pointless



So Oli.


Catching up


think @80UT it


Does that mean I have your vote? :wink:

Ultimately, if the position isn’t utilised then I’ll be happy to relinquish the role.


no, because I don’t want to vote for you


The community rep doesn’t add to the mess though, it serves as a unique post which can help calm the community in times of stress, listen to their thoughts and voice them to the moderators, and generally make sure that there’s a greater say for the community in decision making, which is currently lacking (e.g. staff decisions not even being publicised).


mods can do all that if they wanted to, and we already have too many mods.


Then complain about the mods instead


Excuse me please can you reassure us that this vote will not be counted once the poll is closed.



Waller trying to rig the vote…?


When you’re still desperate for votes


Can confirm


Lol paranoia at the top? Needing to fake accounts?


wait… is Oli a mod?


Yeah I’m totally an alt, that’s how I know you suck or something


por que no los dos





can that eliminate you?