Voting for Community Rep


also accurate. can’t be a cuck if u cant get a gurl


So you don’t treat jews nicely? =]


what do you mean by “again”? =]


I don’t treat anyone nicely

oh btw vote me community rep


If you vote for me i’ll abolish the position, I think we are on the same page here.




No. I have better memes (which is a sad reflection of you)


Why don’t you bring the memes to us, then we can only be unstoppable?


There are numerous reports of the Oli campaign attempting to steal dank memes from an opponent, more at 11.


I can assure you, I’m totally not preparing the gulags… >.>


Seems like a completely pointless non-role that’ll have 0 effect.


You lost me here.


@oli @Josh_Waller

I am currently writing a leadership paper I do not wish to write.

What will your respective policies be on mitigating my tragic circumstances? Keep in mind, I have a family and 3 children and I have been marginalized by the ebil nazi government lead by @Frankie . Pls help.


Can’t argue with that.


I have cast my protest vote.


(However I will change my vote if I receive a certain nomination for the Supreme YB court.)



@Underscore if you really want Oli to win you could just get all your dead relatives to vote. That’s what the left does here in the U.S. :wink:



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