Voting for Community Rep


why is nationlist libertarian even up there?


Such a persuasive campaign. You have my vote.


Yay Libertarians got ballot access! LOL


lol you got nothing better to do than flag my posts :sleeping:


fixes tie I’m a candidate,


my nationalism grabbing isnt enough for you?


@Latte_Liberal I know we’re friends and shit, but I’m honestly taking the absolute piss in this as I think the site is fucked anyway. Just vote @Josh_Waller instead, it’ll probably achieve more.


I think he’s going to vote Oli. :wink:




Lib Dems gotta stick together


A vote for Walnut is a vote to #MakeYDGreatAgain.


not really sure what the point of Oli running is if “none of the above” is a choice.


Easier to rally support for a person than a cause, I suppose.

And to convince new members, of course. :slight_smile:


Haha should probably be more active to realise then. Unfortunately from your perspective though @underscore is right here


Hey hey hey


Thinks “site is fucked anyway” yet posts and asks me to fix chatbox issues.



Well fuck me up the ass with a cactus, sorry for trying to help?


You are more than welcomed to help, we actually really appreciate it and do our best to improve. But I’m not fond of the consistent bashing of YD I keep hearing. I don’t remember installing a plugin that requires you to login everyday so don’t feel the need to swing by if we are “fucked.”


can we not encourage people to quit pls


then make it suck less