you suck! V-town sucks! Call mom I don’t care!!!

luv ya,






DREW!!! Why do I suck?? Valdosta doesnt suck either! :slight_smile:


Ban him. :fu


Hell I went thru there last weekend. I tried like hell to get pulled over, lol I was gonna stire the pot with them. I’m just pulling your leg by the way! You responded quick didn’t ya??? By the way one of our stores will be opening in a week or so in Valdosta!

:rofl :owned


lol!! I know. i finally saw it on N ashley, right?

That hurt my feelings, you saying you hate me. :frowning: Im calling mom!!!


lol you should have known better :frowning:



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana

Where is richard?


probably just getting off work, hell I don’t work at that store anymore. I am the manager at the new store in Hawkinsville

:woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot


congrates!! HAWKINSVILLE… HAHAHA… you are a true red neck now!! :slight_smile:


I have no idea whats going on here…

No, I’m not high either. :smiley:


long story. I know drew threw my mom. :slight_smile: He is taking my place slowly in her heart! :frowning:


Spill it! I got time to read a novel… Unless I fall asleep.


Lol how long have I known you now? I met you at Lil Ceasers one night… btw your moms lasagna was the BEST!!!

:laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing


southerners sheesh :dunno


yeaup, get used to it nor’ner :lol


Re: RE: vshayes

he threw your mom??? thats not very nice. did he throw her very far?