1300 posts as of right now


hits submit button




its still amature hour around here


Re: RE: w00t

and if you were anywhere near me on any other site, you’d have room to talk.



lol r u sure about that


Yes I’m sure about that.

If I added up all my posts from every board I’m on I’m sure I’d be leaving you behind. :smiley:


I’m a part of several forums myself and post whore shamp at them too


I will never get to where you are. You guys are pro post whores


1305 here
7358 - FEOA.net
4393 - mf.com
8757 - hondaswap (I had it lowered, if you go look it says 3437 total posts with 5780 posts / 63% of this member’s active posts in the Lounge.)
239 - civicland
692 - neons.org
27 - mm.com lol Yeah… I need to start going there.

22,771 total posts all over the internet. Through 3 years. And that doesn’t count what I had on fbody.org, mainstreamtopics, or any other forum I’ve been on for a short while. :smiley:


Do you live on the internet?


[quote=2000Si]1300 posts as of right now


hits submit button[/quote]

Quit posting so much some asshole might lock the threads :owned


Congrats James, you sexy whore you!


i dunnno


its official— james = whore!