War of the worlds

america panicked:24:

I think I just saw some tumbleweed roll by.

it wasn’t tumble weed…it was orson wells

Feature on The War Of The Worlds (Orson Welles) radio broadcast of 1938


they made a film of it…it was a radio play on october 30th 1938…people tuned in after it had started and panicked…even the pacific fleet was on stand-by

yeah i remember that but… wha…? that was so random!:willy_nilly:theyre here!

aliens could be here

they probably are here already, but the USA Govt will incarcerate them and send them home… lol!

“The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one he said”

Yummmmm, Phil Lynott as the priest in the 70’s remake

julie covington too

Oh Yeah, …but now I have

“Dont cry for me Argentina” in my head:thumbdown

da da daaaaaa

:willy_nilly: Aliens are attacking NJ… What will we do?

Send them back across the border? :ninja

to live in poverty?