Warner Robins, GA on Wheel of Fortune!

The (very nice looking) contestant going to the final round is from Warner Robins :willy_nilly::willy_nilly:

I just yelled when I heard that and I think I freaked my friend out LOL :smiley:

LOL thats pretty cool though

Where are my Warner Robins girls on this???

LOL…sorry, I was working. It’s been all over the news around here, though. Something Hardin, I think??? Or Harbin??? Anywho, yeah, he’s a cutie. :smiley:

Damn… Im missing it… I dunno what yall are talking about. :frowning: Ive been on strictly bed rest PER zachary edens! haha

Why are you on bed rest V?

V, check WMAZ’s website…there’s a story about it on there.

and just for the record… he was hawt!

Warner Robins Man Wins Big On Wheel of Fortune
Posted By: Stephanie Susskind Web Editor: Jovi Irwin http://www.13wmaz.com/graphics/bullet1.gif 1 day ago


A Warner Robins man is celebrating after his appearance on America’s number one game show.
Contestant J.D. Hardin flew to California last month for an episode of Wheel of Fortune.
Thursday, his family and friends got to see him in action.
28-year-old J.D. Hardin gathered family and friends to watch him call out the letters and try to solve the puzzle on tv.
He says words cannot describe the experience.
As a long time fan of the show, Hardin says he was excited to try his luck at the wheel, and shared the inside scoop with his friends and family.
He says it wasn’t easy to keep his success a secret, but the surprise was well worth it.
Joni Shannon, a friend of Hardin, says she wanted to know how he did on the show, but it was more exciting not knowing what to expect.
Hardin says he will never forget the feeling of solving the winning puzzle.
He says it was a surreal moment to call it out and hear, “that’s right.”
He can buy more than a vowel with his new fortune.
Hardin won $16,000 in cash plus a new car, bringing his total winnings to about $49,000.
He and his wife Jolie say they know just how to spend some of the prize money.
Hardin says last week, they found out they are expecting a baby.
He says he tried out for the show in his home state of Arkansas back in November, had a final audition in January, and filmed in February.
He says it will be four months before he sees the cash or the car.

seee… told you he was hawt!

Yeppers…he is!!! :smiley: