Was this rude?

Ok so yesterday at work this girl that sits next to me puts on this lotion that was horrid smelling, it smelled like a bathroom airfreshner or something (I cant describe the smell to its full glory) anyway so heres how the conversation went
Me: wow thats an interesting smell
Her: yeah I think it smells like pine trees,
Me: umm yeah, well maybe you want to borrow mine next time you put lotion on
Her: well I just love it sorry if it offends you.
Now I thought that wasnt bad of me to say, I refrained from what I wanted to say, was what I said really that bad? Someone told me it was really rude.

Maybe not rude, but not very subtle either

well subtle isnt me haha

LOL… I’d have done the same thing. Rude? Depends who you ask I suppose. I don’t think so. If something someone uses smells funny or bad or awful… and you have to share air space… you have a right to say something. Subtle is good. Outright just saying it like it is is okay too though. Particularly if you have worked together for awhile.

I am so glad I have my own office. Although I get lots of traffic and you wouldn’t believe some of the odors left behind… from garlic breath to stale perfume. I keep a handy can of air freshener in my office when it gets too bad. :smiley:

me either…I would have said

“phwoar, what IS that smell” cough cough

My dad used to tell me I was “subtle as a sledgehammer”

i would have said “would you put that away? it smells like a yak’s testicles”

Who wants to smell like a pine tree anyway?

Must be from scratching his butt on a pine tree! :24:

haha if she uses it tomorrow Ill have to use that one!! Ill be like I finally figured it out :clap that shit smells like yak testicles my dear not pine trees!! :wink:

Exactly! WTH? :willy_nilly:

i cant stand people that use foul-smelling shit at work. i used to have a roommate that used musk… that really DID smell like a fuckin yak…

apparently she does! The first day she started she had some free hotel stuff that she brought with her, Im telling you this girl probably bought it at a rummage sale because someone didnt have the guts to regift the smelly junk!

Seriously though if youre gonna use smelly stuff at work pick a subtle smell that wont offend others, or go with unscented I think thats only fair to others that way.

i wish they made unscented coco-butter creams… the smell of that shit makes me wanna puke a lung…:puke:

There’s this one woman at work… She comes into the main office… not even mine… and by the time she leaves… you can taste… yes taste… the perfume she wears!!! It does smell lovely… but for crying out loud… what is she trying to cover up?

dunno how she said but maybe she was covering all bases when she said it?

I would have kept my mouth shut.

I know hard to believe eh. :smiley:

Then after that each day for a week I would have brought in something different and ask her what she thought hoping there was something she liked. If she said yes then I would give it to her.

One persons garbage is anothers treasure so to speak. It probably is better than some of the guys who worked for our company in the past who never showered. They worked in the field but still their breath and body odor could get pretty rank

Maybe she’s trying to seduce a lumberjack?

Jesus Christ what is wrong with you!
You are so freaking uncensored!:smiley:

[quote=“NuckingFuts, post: 1095947”]Jesus Christ what is wrong with you!
You are so freaking uncensored!:D[/quote]
hey!! I said I didnt say what I really wanted to say so I did censor!! And btw when is the last time you showered? I think I smell you from here!!