Watch out for this scam


No need to reply but i got this in an email and wanted to let all of you guys read it incase you don’t find out about this scam.

IRS warns against tax refund ‘phish’ scam
E-mails asking for personal and financial information are fake

WASHINGTON - The nation’s tax collectors warned consumers Wednesday not to be fooled by a bogus e-mail that appears to come from the Internal Revenue Service and promises a tax refund.

The e-mail is an identity theft “phishing” scam that attempts to fool recipients into revealing personal and financial information. The e-mail directs recipients to a link that requests information such as a Social Security number and credit card information. Identity thieves could use the personal data to steal a taxpayer’s identity, use the taxpayer’s credit cards, apply for additional credit cards or loans and do other financial damage.

The IRS said it does not ask for personal identification or financial information through unsolicited e-mails. Taxpayers do not have to complete a special form to collect a refund. Taxpayers can contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to find out whether the agency is trying to contact them about a refund.


There are many more variants of that, some of which people at my work opened. I spent all day Tuesday of last week cleaning up that version of the Sober virus. If i ever find that person…