Watch out Manhattan, here I come


I can’t wait, 6 1/2 more hours of work, then I’m packing my bags for the big apple. :gears I’ll be staying in lower manhattan this week-end. I have my hotel reservations and my VIP club passes to the best night club on the East coast. This will be a nice get away for me… work has sucked lately (I actually have had to work)


Have fun! I’ve never been to NYC. A few years ago we went to Atlantic City and we were going to take a day to go see the city, Statue of Liberty, Ground zero, etc. But that damned casino kept us drunk! LoL!!

Stay safe and have LOTS of fun!!!


noice. :booze


i guess manhattan is more exciting if you dont see it every freaking day…


I’m headed up to Jersey tomorrow morning…might take a trip to the city Sat…


Re: RE: Watch out Manhattan, here I come.

jerseys boring too!,

( i live in ny and work in jersey…)


umm…no…your just lame… :lol j/k


BTW… Happy b-day tim… I know it is coming up soon, so happy b-day!! HAVE FUN!!


Have fun Bubba!


Re: RE: Watch out Manhattan, here I come.

you have a point :smiley: