We won


we won our playoff game tonight so that puts us in the finals next Wed. wooohooo :banana


thats great son congrats,keep it up hope you guys go all the way. :rock


so do I…I want to raise the :award




Congrats… do you count your teeth after every game just to be sure?


actually I have all my teeth…


Better keep it that way, too. I don’t want to keep paying for dental visits.

Congratulations, Baconator! :rock


congrats bacon. i used to love playing hockey when i was a little younger. maybe in my early to mid teens. weird part is i hate watching hockey on tv. its boring to watch but awesome to play.


Re: RE: we won

when on tv, its all about the fights, just like nascar racing is all about the accidents :banana


Hockey? in the middle of summer??

Horse shoes>hockey


roller hockey


Just not the same as real hockey.