Weather alert


Our county has been placed under a tornado watch. Looks like something pretty heavy is coming in down south. Y’all need to keep an eye on the weather!

Its pretty bad here… LOTS of rain… trees falling… spetic/sewer tanks being flooded out. :frowning: BAD

Y’all will probably get more… there’s a second storm system sweeping through Louisiana…

I hope between the two y’all don’t get too slammed. :frowning:

That sucks. I guess its good im off work today :slight_smile: I have to drive in this crap though, sucks. :frowning:

That does suck. I’m not going to class with the weather like this. No way am I going to be stuck in a distance learning room with all that equipment during a tornado.

Yup, been placed under a tornado watch here. I missed most of the excitement though since I’ve just woke up.

They were announcing school closings and early school closings here last night and this morning.

It’s starting to thunder… I am super afraid of thunderstorms. If the power goes out… well, at least I’ll still have y’all. Or will the internet go too?


I love thunderstorms though. I spent a few months in Alaska last summer and there never was any lightening! I missed it so much.

I love lightening… I love rain. I HATE thunder! It’s too loud! (well, lightening as long as it isn’t striking anywhere near me. It almost hit my apartment on Tuesday, and somewhere around here I have a thread about stuffed bell peppers. It’s completely relevant.) that one and this one:

Heh, that is a bit scary! My closest experience with lightening was seeing it hit about a block away. It struck a building and it began to catch fire so I called 911.

Another scary moment actually I had just moved into a new apartment complex and on my move in date we learned somebody had committed suicide but they were still investigating the roommate. A few nights later I’m unloading groceries from my car and there’s a very LOUD bang which almost sounded like a gun shot. I jumped so bad. It turned out to be thunder and all the lights proceeded to go out. LOL

Not cool at all! I’d have been scared to death!

I watched lightning hit a tree in my yard. It has also struck my TV antenna.

No thank you!

It just started raining and it means business! Good grief!

Oxford Weather Forecast and Conditions Mississippi (38655)

Severe thunderstorm warning and that red strip hasn’t hit yet… I’m home alone and do not like this!

Since Saturday, we’ve had two houses in the area get hit by lightning and burn to the ground. The closest hit we’ve had was a tree in the backyard a few years ago. It blew out a electrical plug in the kitchen and zapped my mom, who was leaning against the kitchen sink. We had pieces of bark thrown all around our yard and next door. The dog is still, to this day, afraid of thunder and lightning. Which is why I’m babysitting him today.

Oh poor baby! Bless his heart he must just be terrified!

Your house hasn’t blown away yet I hope…

Still here. I think the worst of it has passed, thank goodness.