Weather alert


We are under a tornado watch until 8pm.

Ours is over at 3. I hope it’s not too bad for you!

You ought to be almost out of it then. Any damage?

I wish my camera wasn’t broken :frowning: I would take pictures right now. I’ve not seen it get this dark during mid day in a long time. Incidentally we are under a tornado warning and I’m about to get smacked.

Good grief! You need to go somewhere safe, especially if you’re under a warning. That is a nasty looking wall of red!

Actually shutting off the computer now, lightening hitting pretty close to home right now.

Good luck with everything and I hope that things are fine for you! Saying a prayer for you!

Where in Florida?

He’s just outside of Destin. You can kinda see the little cross just to the NW of it.

I was trying to figure out what little town. Destin used to be a beautiful area.

We have sedatives if it gets really bad. Right now, we’re just cloudy but we’re under a tornado watch until 10 tonight. It looks like we won’t get anything real bad until much later.

And it still is. I live in Shalimar which is like a 15 min drive from Destin. Destin has really grown since I was kid. I’m not sure when you were here last but it’s still very nice.

My mother used to take us there when I was a kid about 40 years ago. It was beautiful but all of Florida has grown so much it is not the same. I am familiar with Shalimar. I used to live in Dothan, Alabama.

Just use google maps and you can see how much it has grown then. About 40 years ago there practically no development out there. Destin has become an extremely wealthy area. One look at all the women 40+ proves that much (thank you destin plastic surgery) lol.

I think a friend of mine from college moved to Shalimar. I need to get in touch with her.

My roommate from college lives in Florida but isn’t far from Dothan. She even sounds like she’s from Alabama.

Nothing eventful here.