Web/Forum Development


Hey MD and V, I read a post awhile back that you posted at mustangforums and replied to it about the programming and development. I have done web development for over 10 years. Can program in HTML/Flash/some php/and have done many forums. No samples online anymore though. Very experienced in photoshop. If you guys every ened any help or want to expand your site I am willing to help out. Just holler!


I could use a hand Hells. I signed up for the same website thingy Joe did. I have a product I designed and I want a website for it but I haven’t gotten very far on it yet. I pretty much have only gotten to the purchasing the website and that’s it, LMAO!!! I just need a place for people to go see it and read up on it. I’m not trying to sell from the site, just offer info because everyone wants a dot com these days.


Did u purchase a host or a .com address? You will atleast need to have a host unless you plan to host the site yoruself on your own server, which can get very complicated. Im not sure how Joe has his setup but im willing to bet he has someone host it for him. If you are interested in me setting up a design/layout for your site. Ill be glad to help… Im going to assume for your product you probably want a fairly simple layout, but if you are looking for something more complicated I can work up almost anything in Macromedia Dreamweaver. a few things I will need to get started are:

Product Info, product pitures, your contact info for customers to contact you whether its email, phone address etc…

If you don’t want to post it here you can drop me an email at: midaph@gmail.com

I’m ready when you are…Bonus is i’ll do it for free…Or hint…hint…maybe you can persuede joe into giving up some tokenZ…haha…but anyway…let me know.


Sounds like a great deal there Boozy


Damn, thanks Hells. I’ll PM you the info. We can put your name on it for web design services as an addy for future biz. :boozie

I’ll give you my web site info. Joe recomended it a long time ago for better Video hosting, but I found it to hard to use, so I just use my old host, but I pay for it, so I should use it. LOL.
Here is where I’m at. I just PM’d them to email my pass and name, I forgot, LMAO!!! http://www.canaca.com/index.html