Wedding Crashers


Wow, this ended up as a long post… That movie was hilarious! But I was stuck next to the most annoying damn human being I have ever seen. See, she thought EVERYTHING was funny and had one of those loud obnoxious cackling laugh and felt the need to clap every couple minutes. I would’ve moved but the place was packed, so after about an hour I pulled out my cell phone and pretended to talk on it loud enough for her and the people in front of me to hear: “Hey whats up man. I’m watching Wedding Crashers. Yeah it’s great except for the loud annoying bitch next to me who won’t shut up. Talk to you later.” Everyone in front of me died laughing, but it didn’t deter this woman. There’s one part where Owen Wilson says seriously “Jesus Christ.” Apparently that was the funniest part of the movie to this woman. I was so damn annoyed. Anyone else seen it?


saw it friday night, funny movie. :banana


i want to see it…


I want to see it as well…heard good things


i loved it, its gonna be this generations animal house


sounds like something i would do


aw the movie is great, funny as hell, I love who they picked for the guy running for president and how they setup his crazy family its funny as hell.