WEEK 6 Picks?


Didn’t get posted. But I pick the Jags to win in overtime against the Steelers on an INT return. WOOOOO GO JAGS!!!


i have a $100 dollars to give you too… might as well, we gave you all the that game… we should have forfietted and not even shown up… i hope tommy gets jumped in pittsburgh tonight… actually, its bill’s fault too… any coach that wanted to win a football game would have pulled his dumb ass out in the first quarter… and where was the BUS the whole game? i think he only touched the ball three times the entire game… oh well… there is always next week at cincy…


Re: RE: WEEK 6 Picks???

All I know is the Jags always play Pittsburgh hard. Last year you got the lucky end of it when we barely missed that 60 yard FG, this year we lucked out. Yes, Maddox sucked, but would Batch have been any better? I don’t know, but it was a hell of a game.


it was definitly a hell of a game. you guys pretty much man handled us… i would have like to see charlie in for tommy and i would have also like to see more of the bus twards the end. :dunno