Weekly Contest: Sun 6/12/2005 - Sat 6/18/2005


Game= Frisbee Throw

trophy holder at 11:59pm Sat 6/18/2005 gets 500 tokenz!


shit, about 350 of those tokenz in the jackpot are mine…my name’s Donnie and I’m an addict…


sup dood, you can win this thing if you try hard enough :smiley:


I suck at that game. :frowning:


I say 2nd place gets all the tokenz back that they put into the game to get where they are. :smiley:


i wouldnt be able to accurately impose that


How the crap do you get the frisbee to go that far? The farthest Ive made it is like 200 ft!


you have to hit yellow birds to get a bounce like in yeti gorez when hitting mines. it is a luck game :smiley:


Jesus, anyone see the new high score? That guy has too much time!