Weekly Contest: Sun 6/19/2005 - Sat 6/25/2005


Game= Slingo

trophy holder at 11:59pm Sat 6/25/2005 gets 500 tokenz!


i was wondering if the game is maxed out or if it can go higher, anyone know.


i dont really know how to play it lol. i think it is a play on bingo or something?


slots bingo

when the number show up, click on your bingo card

red jokers let you select any number in that column, and the pink joker lets you select any number on the card

devil halfs your score, cherub saves your score from the devil

coins up your score by 1000

and theres some other stuff too


well 2 people are tied at the “max” score so if anyone else ties them up, they all get 500 a peice.