Weekly Contest: Sun 7/3/2005 - Sat 7/9/2005


Game= Maze Builder

winner at 11:59pm Sat 7/9/2005 wins 500 tokenz. Good Luck!


Can you rotate the pieces???


i dont know, i suck at that game. i couldnt even builf the maze lol. im randomly picking games and they are turning out to be ones i suck at


Birdieman won- congrates.


Thank you. Anyone want to know the secret to the game?


Re: RE: Weekly Contest: Sun 7/3/2005 - Sat 7/9/2005

F5 ?


Re: RE: Weekly Contest: Sun 7/3/2005 - Sat 7/9/2005

I DO! :smiley:


Re: RE: Weekly Contest: Sun 7/3/2005 - Sat 7/9/2005

Gonna tell or what???

That freaking game is driving me nutz!!!


Here’s the deal with the game. First of all, not every set of pieces it gives you is capable of connecting both sides, so there is some luck involved. -But, it’s rare that you get in incompleteable set. You have to sort of pre plan a path, and use every piece it gives you. -And that means using the goofy ones with a single block in all 4 corners to your advantage, instead of ‘discarding’ them as a waste. I try to work from both ends if possible first, them the middle. -But sometimes you are forced to work off the middle only at the beginning. You can almost always start to form a path from the middle in this situation, then connect it to the oppposite ends later. The secret is efficiency, but there’s always a little luck involved. It’s more skill than luck, though. Once the contest started, I got that score on my 4rth try, and haven’t played it since. The jackpot is so huge now, I might try for a bigger high score. :smiley: