Weird Shows?

[SIZE=5][FONT=Fixedsys][SIZE=4]What has been the weirdest show you have seen on TV? What did it make you think about and was it interesting?

Please post your reply and as on what channel you saw it on. Thnx!:D[/SIZE]

“Judge Judy” on ITV2 is pretty weird. The woman reminds me of Anne Robinson in a weird way and I love the way all the criminals seem scared of her.

I totally agree. She rocks! People are always like “yes ma’am, no ma’am, i’m sorry ma’am” lmao.

HAHA I know, so funny!!

jerry springer

Why didn’t I think of that!!

Jerry Springer is one of the strangest shows in existence. Firstly all the fucked up people shouting “uh’uh girlfriend” at each other and you can’t tell if they are genuine or if they are being paid to act like twats, but then you have random women in bikinis/underwear dancing while everyone shouts “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”

Also, has anyone seen “In The Night Garden”? Hahaha!

That’s really cute… Never thought of Jerry as one of the weird shows… I just laugh at all the douches on there

Judge Judy Rocks…I’ve only just gotten into her

The Mighty Boosh is a good one. My girls download it from Brit TV as its not on here

The Young Ones was the show that freaked me out the most when I first saw it

[quote=“cam elle toe, post: 1088242”]The Young Ones was the show that freaked me out the most when I first saw it[/quote]That’s an awesome show. I haven’t seen that in yrs!!! One of the shows I used to watch when I was younger that I really miss.

For me, it was Twin Peaks. Talk about freaky!:o