Welcome back all ye who return here


If you’re coming back to the forum after an absence, pop in here, say hi and let everyone know!

Also, no bullshit arguments this time guys. Seriously.

Inexplicable Hatred

We have a Shoutbox. Put your arguments there instead of in this thread which has a specific purpose. And the previous thread was locked and unlisted because it was getting so toxic.


There’s no argument, simply me voicing an opinion. Speak and be heard and all that. Quite a shame to return to YD to see how it has devolved. But hey, do I get a welcome back?


We have a thread for that, for voicing your opinion, for whatever. This thread has a specific purpose and you weren’t using it for that.

And yes, welcome back.


It was relating to the return of a member and the reaction thereto, thus pertaining perfectly to the thread.


We got rid of all that because it was toxic as fuck. If you want to make a comment on it, do so in the Shoutbox.


Toxic as fuck - not a pleasant way to welcome someone back. =(


I can’t tell if you’re messing with me or not.


Not messing at all. Not a pleasant way for people to welcome Walnut back.


I know it wasn’t, that’s why I described it as toxic as fuck and other staff removed it.


And since I haven’t had a chance to yet, @JWaller, welcome back.


Quite, and I was agreeing with you by extension of what I said. A shame YD has devolved to such depths.


I’m sorry, is this a thread on the Senate making a come back? The fuck are you here for?


Lmfao thankfully not. That would be most disheartening to see. Thought I’d pop back y’know? Why the fuck not? Trust that isn’t an issue? =)


Nah fam =D


ooh ahh up the ra


Team Walpo is back


Thanks hunny


You’re welcome dear


Still missing plenty of the old guard - @Gos, @LibSoc, @Estranged_Sovereign