Welcome back all ye who return here


Pretty good, all things considered, and must admit, it is fun getting back into the cut and thrust of debate, especially since I can probably predict responses from my debating pals irl.


That’s great! Yeah, that gets boring after a while.

Hopefully we’ll see you around more often! :slight_smile:


Welcome back! How have your views changed? Enlighten us!


Well, I used to be a fairly traditional conservative, but now I have converted to being a full libertarian.


Comrades, I have returned. For those of you who don’t remember me, well tough. My views haven’t changed too much in the last half a year and I am still a committed Democratic Socialist.


Welcome back! Glad to see you back, if you have any questions feel free to message me or any of the other staff, though I’m the coolest so I’d stick to me :wink:


Yay, welcome back!

How have you been? What have you been up to? :slight_smile:


Life hasn’t been too busy since I became inactive on here. But everything’s good for me thanks.


I’m surprised that went unnoticed.


I’m glad! It’s lovely to have you back, hopefully we’ll see you around more. :slight_smile:


Keep saying that shit and you won’t be a staff member for much longer.


Oooh, kitty got claws.




Welcome back Sam. I’m not too familiar with the older members so it’s always great to see them come back. What more can you tell us about yourself aside from the political part?

Favorite books or movies?


Sure thing. My main hobbies are sports (like lots of people I presume). I play cricket and golf but I am a huge NFL fan (and have been before it became hip in the UK). Most of my less physical hobbies are political or that sort of thing so there’s less to talk about there.

I’m a very keen historian and enjoy reading any books on political and military history particularly with a specific interest on the modern world (1750-) but also massively enjoy thrillers such as books by John Le Carre and I am a huge fan of the whole Game of Thrones series, both books and TV, although Westworld has recently attracted my attention. I’m also a huge fan of Monty Python and of most things 70s in general when it comes to film and music. I’m a hard rock fan mostly, my personal favourite band is The Who, but Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are probably next in line.

That’s pretty much it tbf.



How about dem cowboys??

How big is the NFL there? NBA?


NFL’s getting gradually bigger here. I hear people talk about it openly amongst their friends these days whereas you would never have heard it not even 5 years ago. Let’s just say it’s taking off nicely. British people still can’t get over the helmets (because of Rugby) and the fact that the Super Bowl winners are called world champions but those are small obstacles. NBA is also big but I couldn’t really comment on how big as I only really run in NFL circles in the UK.

You guys (I presume you’re a Cowboys fan) are seriously legit this year. Along with my Vikings (who are tearing things up as well) we look like the two key contenders in the NFC. The Cowboys offense in general is scary at pretty much every position and I fully expect you guys to get to the NFC Championship game.


Guess who’s back yo


Yay, welcome back! How are you? :slight_smile: