Welcome back all ye who return here


Thought I might make some sort of a comeback, so “boo!”, iiiits me!


Yes mate


Hi! It’s lovely to see you. :slight_smile:


Things are getting kinky around here, I’ll get the latex and wips and other gears


Alright then


I’m keeping my hopes very low, they are known to disappoint. But the game last night was epic, huge test of resiliency.

I’m really surprised it’s big there. How do you choose a team to support? Or I guess it’s more player based.


Welcome back @SamSt and @UkCunningham, where’d y’all go?

let’s bring some more vets back!


I felt compelled to respond to the email I was sent.

I did as I do every now and then, poke my head into the site to see if the topics being discussed interest me or the arguments peak my interest sufficiently enough to type one of my long responses. Alas, again, they have not.

I shan’t be staying. I am still not a fan of this new layout and a large part of the old guard and community is gone, however the site is still ticking over. I will likely be back some day just to get a feel on what others opinions are on some story… who knows I may be interested enough to respond and debate one day again.

Till then, I shall return to my shadow…


See you later edge lord, but was this site more active in the past? @anyone


In it’s day, it used to be the shit.


Not very much more than current activity. Activity is doing very well compared to months previously.

The only consistant complaint is our switch from Xenforo to Discourse, and uh… Some people arent going to allow a switch back.


>Tfw you return back to your own return thread


Welcome back!


Welcome back to the forums! :smiley:


I would have much preferred for my account to be reactivated. As I did ask for that a few weeks ago.

Implying staff either forgot or didn’t want me back, the latter being the most likely.


I had no idea of this so for the time being I’ll say the former.


your account is now reactivated.


Sorry, I completely forgot. Just reactivated it.


Welcome back. Next time reach out to me if you don’t hear back from staff members. Let me know if you have any issues @BingoBongoLand


Welcome back @BingoBongoLand!