Welcome back all ye who return here


Tbf I didn’t think I’d have to reach out, given I was asking a staff member with most longevity in position.


People forget, it’s a common mistake. Doubt it was anything malicious as all the old members are always welcomed back here. We have an email set up for issues like this, support@youthdebates.org in case it happens again. I personally don’t remember a thing unless it’s emailed to me.

Anyway welcome back!


I know, I’m aware.

In fairness I’m not exactly one of the most liked members, so it wouldn’t surprise me.


I can assure you that this wasn’t some ploy, we had talked about trying to get you to come back in fact.

But if you insist on believing that we were trying to get you to leave then so be it; but I think you being here right now is testament that there wasn’t some plot.


Yes, now he can sleep at night.


Okay that one I do neglect to believe.

But I already explained here:


If you aren’t apart of the Staff Team Clique, you aren’t worthy.


I was. I remember those days. Kinda glad I left.


Actually we just have a dart-board with a list of names on them in the office, we have @Frankie throw one while blindfolded and whoever it lands on is who we pick on for the week




That explains the reasoning behind some of the staffing decisions.


I beg your pardon :joy:


stop pretending like you have the ban hammer


Yeah but at that time the only name on the dartboard was mine.


I can dream! :disappointed:


You know



Could have just not thrown the dart.


Unfortunately I’m so attractive that the dart just picked itself up and hit my name on its own.


Actually you would have been one of the ones I would have considered hiring, especially compared to others…