Well I have to Tell

[B]Well I know most of you are going to be confused or what not,or even think wtf are you doing or what not.

Well Here it is The man that i was with for the past year are going back together trying to work it all out. And for the most part things are going great. We can actually enjoy the time when we are together.

I really Do know now that he cares alot about me and just isnt playing games. He has done some things that i had no one do for me before.

I just really Love him and couldnt give it all up with out trying.I put it all this way Whatever happens happens.

But i do beleave we are meant for eachother. And i want to be with him to the end. I have faith that things will work out too.

Just wanted to let you all know that

Good luck Snuggles

When you know, “you know”, and you should let nothing get in the way

Good luck Snuggles! hugs

I really hope things work out for you sweetie. :slight_smile:

Good luck hun :slight_smile:

Best of luck, Snuggles…

good luck

Yay for you. :smiley:

My turn !