Well its about time


yes- i quit my job today at publix as a bagger/cashier. i have “stoner” hair and my manager has been begigng me for months to cut it. i did not believe in the policy and i had had enough of her complaining so i quit tonight and it was my last night. i was a loyal 9 1/2 month, late once b/c of ilness employee. people tried to talk me into staying b/c they know i do good work, i am just too liberal in my dress and appearance for conservative old publix. i applied at bi-lo tonight and i will kroger tomorow. i need another job before the next 2 weeks so i can pick right up after my last pay check. good news is i have about a 500 dollar tax return for this year saved up.

my mom supported my decision to quit- it is afterall my job and i wasnt happy. i dont know if i can find an equal/ better paying job, but kroger is opening a new store less than 5 miles from my neighborhood and target is opening up alongside khols about 10 miles away. these are great opportunities for new jobs. another reason i was unhappy at publix is b/c not many kids worked there. i was the youngest worker and no girl under 25 worked there. bi-lo is different. about 4-5 hot high school girls work there that go to mine and another area school. i hope they call me for an interview- i do have prior work experience in this field…


Good luck in whatever ya find. Anyone who turns ya away is a fool though.


well i applied at bi-lo last november right before i did at publix. kroger and publix called the next 3 days and bi-lo never did. kroger interview was 4 days before publix and publix offered me a job so i (being 16 and eager to work) took what first came. now that i am experienced and can get something better for myself, i am all on it. hopefully i can get anothr grocery store job or a restaurant job maybe.


Hope you get the job your looking for :smiley:


thanks, i am applying at 2 or 3 places tomorow and maybe a few more restaurants. i cant get much for work though b/c im only 17 (17 in a couple months)


No prob.


i applied at 2 local Kroger stores today and one manager at one asked when i would be able to begin work for them. i replied, today… she asked if i could work during the week and nights. i said i am available school days form 4pm-close and weekends open-close and she smiled and said she would have the store manager call me monday. crosses fingers i hope i get this job!


Re: RE: well its about time…

rock on man, good luck :rock


good luck on the kroger job. My gf worked there through highschool and some of college as a cashier, they treated her right. She got a good amount of raises and she actually had company insurance working part time, it worked out really well. It’s one of the best jobs you can get for part time around here.