Well, my boys are sick!


My boys are sick right now. Came home at 12 last night to find joe gone. He rushed jacob to the er because he was having breathing difficulties. When I got there, they told us it would be a 2 1/2 hour wait, so we gone head and left and when I got home, i gave him a breathing treatment and some cough meds… Well I was up all night w/ him pretty much, so this morning i took him to youth care. He had a blood oxygen of 94!! And they said he has crup. Austin just has a cold. Anyways, I called my work to let them know what was going on and I told them that I would still be there on time… Joe still hasnt got hom w/ the meds yet, so I called back and said I would probably be a few minutes late. My boss told me to not come in until 7 and that she had it taken care of!! I was blown away! I didnt even ask for it and she basically told me not to come in. Atleast I will be here with the kids for alittle while. Im happy about that.

Wish me luck that they start feeling better.


94!!! Isnt it suppose to be 99-100%? I hope they start feeling better soon.

I know exactly where your coming from. Cameron has been sick for about 4 days now with a deep cough and nasty nose. He has no patience for anything either. Poor little guy.

Its hard enough when 1 child is sick but when you got both of them sick, it makes it so much harder. Does your little one have asthma?


I wish your kids the best


austin has asthma… however spelled. Jacob normally dont, but this crup is kicking his ass!

and ya, its suppose to be at 99-100%… but his was 94! I couldnt believe they let him leave, but he is doing better right now.


im glad he’s doing better. tell him we all wish him well.


Hope they get better! I’m sure they’re mad that they’re missing school, or at least might… that was always such a bummer for me when I was a youngin. :tard


sorry to hear that V. hope they get better soon.



i done hope they get better before the meet (still not going though… maybe… i could talk to my mom more…)