Well that pissed me off

this morning i got up with the intention of going to coombe abbey and sitting in the hide with the camera for a few hours(i’m not sure if americans know what a hide is,its a glorified shed with long narrow openable windows for viewing wildlife)

when i got there one of the estate workers was clearing up a mess,it seems that during the night a gang of idiots had got into there and kick half of the wall panelling in and smashed 11 of the 16 windows…now considering theres only 1 way to get to the hide they must have been one determined group of vandals because the nearest housing estate is a good 5 miles away

apparently its got so bad that they’re considering not opening the hide anymore which is a terrible shame…all because someones angelic little johnny who’s no problem to anyone has no respect for other peoples property and doesn’t care if a valuable amenity is taken away from the law abiding public:mad

Every hunter I know who has hunting property has had to deal with vandals or thieves at some point.

That’s awful. :frowning:

That’s too bad, Ian. Sorry to hear that.

We just had a case here of graffiti vandals. The police caught one culprit. 18 years old. They expect to make more arrests just from this one guy. Seems these vandals have been having a time of it for the past several months. A tip led to the main character. Involved a reward of course.

Thats really sad. I hate how some people cant respect other people’s belongings… Drives me mad. Those kids have no respect for anything. Hopefully the Hide will allow people to still come in and take pictures. its a shame what happened. :frowning:

thing is…i take pretty much all of my pictures of small birds from that hide…if it does actually close that comes to an end

that blows man. fucking immature fucksticks.

That sucks