Well that was fast

Jason (Soleil’s dad) was from Canada. His mum calls me to chat usually every two weeks. Such a call was last night. Seems that on Wednesday last, Jason’s dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. He passed away on Sunday. Holy hell right? I had no idea you could possibly die of cancer that fast. I’m terribly sad for all of their family and completely flabbergasted at the speed. Five days?

So sorry to hear that.

It must have been advanced and he must have kept it from everyone somehow… symptoms and all.

that is fast…My grandmother died of lung cancer the year i was born.

He didn’t even smoke. Is just shocking.

Wow- sorry to hear about this, and it is shocking indeed.

Was there any history of this in his family that you know of?

My grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer and died six weeks later (though I was young and thought he lived for awhile). It all depends on when they catch it. Sorry for you loss and that there was no time to prepare.

Im so sorry to hear that io what its like most my family deid from it Hug

sorry for your loss. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers

Maybe the person had cancer and did not know. After he was checked up, it could have been atthe worst stage, and died after. I don’t think you died of lung cancer after contracting it a week earlier etc.

Oh. And my condolences.

So sorry for the loss. Its one thing when you have time to prepare for it and its another when its out of the blue like that.
Im gonna agree with everyone else, he must have had it for awhile and either didnt know it or had kept it secret from everyone else.

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