Welp... I'm doin it right now


Pullin a no call no show to my 3rd job right now. Supposed to be there in an hour.

The managers can fuck themselves, the work can fuck itself.

I’m back down to getting 40-55 hrs a week, more sleep! w00t!

I turned off my phone. :fu

I’m not callin them. :fu

I’m giving them a full page of explanation of my problems with working there when I go get my last check in two weeks. :fu

So, to them. :fu :fu :fu :fu

Now I can concentrate on getting my brakes fixed, getting my taxes completely finished, sleeping, and getting my ass into auto tech college so I can be the best fucking mechanic in Fort fucking Wayne.

I hate food jobs.

:fu Foods jobs. :fu


:rock :rock :rock :rock :rock thats right, stick it to em…what kind of job was it?


almost painful enough to say, it was backline at arby’s 3rd shift…

3-5 nights a week, gave me four hours of sleep those nights I worked since I got off at 5 and had to be up at 10 the next morning.

I felt like I downgraded my life since I started there a mere month ago. Felt like I was moving backwards, not getting any further in life by going there.

But now I can concentrate on getting to grade 3 at ingram which would be at least a 2 dollar/hour raise over what I’m making now.


well, good luck with the raise at the book place. right now i’m feel like i’m working my self to death too, between work and school i gots no time at all, 40 hrs a week plus full time at comm. college aint no joke. :tard


I was putting away 70 hours a week between all my jobs, working 7 days a week. I even pulled a muscle in my back because of the stress levels I was under.

College will seem like a vacation to me. :banana


But now I can concentrate on getting to grade 3.[/quote]

Holy shit! Are you slow??



Nice new title Steed… :rofl


But now I can concentrate on getting to grade 3.[/quote]

Holy shit! Are you slow??


haha pleh.

Grade three means you have to pick a minimum of 1000 lines per 8 hour shift, it gets less per working less hours and so forth. but that’s a pretty hefty raise over picking 500 lines per 8 hour which is minimum for grade 2.

I picked 913 lines Monday, 1124 lines Tuesday and only 861 today. The lower number accounts for a high book count per line on each order. (ie: One line contained 100 miniature bibles I needed to pick) So my average group size drops and I don’t necessarily need 1000 lines to get grade 2.


Ahhh…gotcha! Thought you were going to be in the same grade as my little girl! HAHA!!!

Timmy…you fucker!! :fu :owned


Well it’s about time you noticed… :smiley:

I also got Joe and Vern on this round of spending… :rofl


Nice job Tim! :blowme


haha @ steeds new title

Good for you si!!! I can imagine that would really suck. Glad to see that you will be able to start school back and of course the more sleep is a GREAT thing!! :slight_smile:



I turned off my phone for the night.

turned it on at 11 and got three VMs.

two from Lanette (ugh)

and one from my other job telling me that arby’s had called them wondering where I was.

fuckers. lol



Dood…you’re so gonna get fired from the Arby’s. Think of the roast beef’s you could have stolen.


thats a ton of hours. when i get a 30 hour week on top of school, i feel bogged down. i dont know how you can do it. i just keep my head up and think positively though, i get my 6-month raise next month :rock


I’m late on this one, oh well, here goes, clears throat FUCK THE MAN!!! :rock


good :smiley:

I’ve had two missed calls today. I normally dont’ answer my phone unless I know who it is anyway. bahaa

oh well. :rock


whatcha clearing outta your throat there bub?


whatcha clearing outta your throat there bub?[/quote]

I think that’s between Booze and his pool boy. :hump


i told ya from the start that working a 3rd job is gonna kick your ass James. but would anyone listen to me?? oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

LOL just messin with ya man!!