Welp it happened in Warthog game too


Just want everyone to know that i made it to LEVEL 30…and it did taht error thingy…

…excuse me while i go drink maself to death :booze




i got to 18, but got bored…so i stopped


Ya it gets boring…it took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes http://www.comixfan.com/xfan/forums/images/smilies/help.gif


How do you pass level 30? I can make to level 30, but I can pass it.


if you had a score submitted I can edit it


that sucks!!


I got up to level 30 too…but I never saw a place to submit score, or end game. I kept going and going thinking I had to get higer. I couldnt get past 30, but it wouldnt let me take my score there either. What am I missing??


Umm. Do you know anyone who has ever saw a place to submit score or end game? You said you were it.


I said I was what Alice??


You only made it to 30. You have to pass 30 to get a score of 30.


So how did some peeps get a score of 29???


Hey people… to get the score of 30… you need to beat the on after that… The final one has like 40 moving ones, they are all moving simultaniously. Then the game ends and you get the credits… if you actually beat it you would know this like me… :banana :banana


I actually figured out how to do it. If you dont beat it but want to submit your score there is a little triangle up on the top right hand corner. Hit that to submit your score. I dont know if it wasnt there before, or if I just never noticed it.