Went to a go kart race tonight


now i think i’m gonna get me one of them bad boys and start racing with a guy from work. looks really fun…


Check it out dood. Im selling one for my buddie and it never sold on eBay. He would take less than the reserve price but wanted to get the most he could out of it so we set it kinda high. Thats prolly why it never sold. Holler back at me if youre interested. Gt351bossman@aol.com or bosscle on AIM

Forgot th linkage :tard



joe bought a racing go cart a while back. Its was sweet… but he never raced it, due to not enough time. lol. He ended up selling it last year.


Same thing here, my buddy bought it and completely rebuilt it now he wants to sell it cuz he dont have time to race it.


30 -35 not quite enogh for the class i’ll be racin in. they run 45-50 on a dirt/clay oval. my buddy from work is gettin back into racin, and told me he’d help me out gettin a cart set up if id race with him. so i figured why not. i think we are gonna run sr champ briggs and stratton 5 hp stock motor class until we both have more money to spend on it. thanks anyway though bossman.


joe had a full out racing go cart. It even had a number LOL… He ran it on methenol and its top speed was 70.


What do you think of arena racing? I’ve went to one at the scope arena.
The cars get up to about 50 mph.


not sure, never seen any arena racing, that one race on a dirt track wast the first i had ever been to, v, the class i’m gonna be in runs off of methanol too, if the track wasn’t so small i think it’d run about 70 mph as well. pretty awesome lookin little carts though. ours have numbers too, i think i’m gonna go for # 69


[butthead]He said sixty nine :tard[/butthead]




well, just bought my cart…hone hellova deal too. 450 for the cart, with motor, new tires, 2 extra body kits, and an electric tach…poor guy is havin another kid and has to sell his cart fast. yay i’m so happy…now i’ll be able to get into the racing about 2 months before i thought i would be able to.


There are no real racing classes where i live. But there is a track in northern maine, about an hour from me. They go 45-50 MPH. And i go there every so often to race. I have been number one for the top lap time twice. out of the 6 times i have been… I think its very easy to run the track. But other people spin out and crash. lol. Its pretty funnah. I love it though.


those things are awesome…70 mph on a kart, inches from the ground is a scary thought.

I’d try it…once.


its actually not that bad. We always wore a helmet and I never got it that fast… I was too scared.


i picked up the cart on friday, well, someone picked it up for me, the cart and the engine are pretty much disasembled right now since the guy had the cart in storage. funny thing is the guy who picked it up for me left the carb, gas tank, and THE ENGINE BLOCK itself in raleigh (1.5 hrs from here) so even if i get everything put back together it’ll still be a little while before i even get to drive it. :frowning: i’ll get some pics tonigt while were cleaning it up.