What are all you guys gettin me


… for tomorrow?



is tomorrow your birthday?


We have a weiner!!! (lover)

errr… Yeah it is. :banana


How young ya gonna be? I dont like to say “how old you gonna be”. It sounds rude to me to ask someone how "old their gonna be.


I’m gonna be the big two three.

I’m gonna spend my birthday running wires in an attic in the middle of Fort Wayne since the place next to the company we’re working in won’t let us into their phone room. ah well.

23 w00t!



well its 2:32am right now on the 9th so ill be the first to wish you a happy birthday. Happy Birthday!!!


Hey James, is a hooker ok? Kuz like, I went shopping last night and all I found was a blonde hooker with huge tits, and a bottle of beer…


Re: RE: what are all you guys gettin me…



What did anyone here get me for my brithday? Not anything. So thats what you get SI


happy birthday man!



Wanna send me your girl for a few hours?


ah well, whats new? :dunno


Happy brithday to you SI. With the girl thing, I could find one for you, but you would have to come down here and give me a little time. Send me a pic of you and I will start looking if you like.


2000si I’m gonna pimp your ride! Nah, your car is fine the way it is. When I get rich I’ll buy you a Saleen Extreme and a TT NSX-R tuned by Mugen as a late b-day present. Enjoy your birthday man! :banana


Happy B-day SI for your B-day I shall give you a word of advice Drink :booze


Re: RE: what are all you guys gettin me…

i dont know… he may not take the saleen :booze


He likes junk cars :dunno


Who wouldn’t take a an Extreme? They are one of the best mustangs ever built. Say it isn’t so 2000si say it isn’t so. :wtf


:wtf :dunno


Re: RE: what are all you guys gettin me…

i agree, my bday just passed as well and i got diddly squat…


Mine was sunday and I bought myself a lot I didnt get nothin from nobody else :tard