What brings you comfort?


When times are tough or difficult, what never fails to bring you comfort or something to take your mind away from your trials? Personally when I go through difficult times I turn to my books. Mainly biographies about Kennedy, but also more about the Greeks and the Irish. I also love listening to speeches given by JFK and RFK because they take me to another time and another state of mind.


Friends I can talk to whenever. Its so simple but its not to be taken for granted.


I have many friends with about two close groups with different personalities on both sides. But I can really one talk to one, Gavin. But even then, it still doesn’t do much for me.


I only have one friend that I feel like I can actually freely talk to, having someone like that is probably rare. Even some of my best friends I just cant do that with.


Same here. Even Gavin, who is more like a brother to me than the one of my blood, its still hard to talk about those things and it doesn’t do the trick.


Music also does it for me if I listen to music that fits my mood.


Aye. Really like the soundtracks from my favorite films/TV shows and other playlists.


I was originally going to say nothing, but my family brings me comfort. Especially my brother. Even though we fight a lot, he’s my best friend. I tell him stuff that I wouldn’t tell anyone else. If I’m down, he always finds a way to make me laugh, and for that I’ll always be grateful.


######and your cheekbones


You mean they bring you comfort, or bring me comfort?




I mean I appreciate them, but they don’t bring me any comfort.




Oh thats weird. Mine do, when I’m distressed I just rub my cheeks and im all better.


You’re a hamster though, it would be like squeezing a stress ball because your cheeks are so chubby.

@Ethan_Mac_McNally where do you stand on cheek comforts?




I’d rather not say.:smile:


I think I killed the thread.


Me and my cheeks forgive you.


i feel like it’s been said. my family. my books. my music. exercise as well. my dog. sleep.

oh and teddy bears.