What brings you comfort?


Can’t forget those.


An open basketball court and some albums/music videos with a little bit of vodka :wink:


Ah, vodka. I recommend you try Frïs. I had it for the first time a few weeks back and it’s lovely.


The winky face made that sound dirty.


just like u


Thank you bby


I was gonna say something, but nevermind. @Frankie


Never tried that one. I stick to my Titos and then when I feel fancy some Ciroc Pineapple

@Frankie @SarahA :no_good_man:t2:


You’re obsessed.


i would have some alcohol if i was legal


Over hyped. I just like it once in a while. It enhances my music listening experience.


Also, food. If I have a really good curry, then I’m sorted.


Comfort food… a big fat juicy piece of steak hits the spot.


That’s gross.


My electronic piano. I love playing it. I wish I was better, though. I’d also like to have a viola, but it’s almost impossible cuz money.



ASMR of kawaii Asian girls and Death Grips. Not even joking lol


Wow. Just. Wow.


I am not sure if anything does really.


Either sleep, wine or a skype call and GTA session.


Generally I listen to some music, sometimes go and buy some chips or some coffee or a sugary drink from the café over the road, chat with people, play guitar, give my dog some exercise, read a few news articles, that stuff. Listening to music is the main one.