What brings you comfort?


I thought you were in GCSE year?


Tea/coffee, a smoke, sometimes a chat, a film and then a nap. That’s my usual process for if something is bothering me.

There’s way too much shit to list that brings me comfort in my average day though.


Weightlifting. Always weightlifting.


And? What if I am?


Nothing. I face my problems. When they’re gone I procrastinate.

Alcohol drinking at home is legal from the age of 5.


What if they are problems you can’t actually solve yourself?


Sure, it’s legal, it’s just uncommon.


That’s what you think!


These people from Yorkshire don’t conform to UK norms it seems


Because we’re not nanny state wimps!


Depends on the family and background really.

The richer and more Mediterranean you are, the earlier you will drink. It’s not uncommon for upper middle class families in the Med countries to hand their young kids (10/11) a glass of wine to dinner every single day, especially in Sardinia where this is pretty much unanimous for all children regardless of family wealth.

As far as I know he has Slovenian roots (wine-growing region near Trieste) and he has a holiday abroad more than once a year so it’s fair to say he’s middle class, thus pretty much fits in that demographic.

Bonus points if you live near Waitrose. Increases chances of wine drinking by 5761%, scientifically proven. Search Dom and Steph on Gogglebox for examples. One of my teachers does at least a bottle a day. But hey, the disadvantage is the weight gain.

Such as? Rarely do I encounter such a problem.

I mean, I will never be an astronaut, but if I wanted to “solve” that “problem” I’m sure there’d be ways around it, like similar careers or a different career route to take up a job as an astronaut somewhere along the line.

Sure, many problems will never be solved, but if they can’t, then what’s the point in trying to dwell on them? Chances are you aren’t alone, and chances are it’s not worth it emotionally and mentally to keep it in the back of your mind.

I wouldn’t say it’s easy to ignore those problems, most people are driven by a combination of greed and fear. Those who dwell on the past or dwell on a problem they know they can’t solve are more likely to be driven by fear.

Many harsh truths exist that are problems. Most people on this forum who live in the UK are very unlikely to ever buy their own home if they don’t have family support and if they’re not planning to have kids, but hey, this isn’t something you can fix (even if you get a job double the average wage) so why try.


Nothing quite like mowing noobs down on GTA online…


I prefer to mow down civilians.


In particular, hookers.


I prefer to shoot cops down :>

They actually shoot back, which I like and is more challenging.


Cops on that game are annoying as hell.


You mean, as irl?


Nah. I don’t think cops in irl act quite like they do in these games. Its annoying as well as funny though. Especially with the things that they say.


I love it how in GTA IV, if you point a cop with your gun but don’t shoot they’ll freak out and shout things to you, but in GTA V they directly shoot at you. It’s one of those shenanigans that make the former a better game.


My favourite is GTA San Andreas, though. It’s one of my favourite videogames. Also, videogames are another thing I do for comfort, so no one say I’m derailing the thread.


Well in GTA V, if you walk up to a cop and press E twice or thrice and insult the cop once or twice (every E after 1st) then you get 1 star. Then run away, you get two. Get in a car and let the cop try and open the door, then try to drive away to time it perfectly, thus carrying the cop with your moving car’s door handle.

Result: Helicopters will chase you for insulting police officers.