What can we do to stop bullying


can we stop bullying?


I have no idea. I doubt we will ever be able to stop bullying, but we can certainly reform our environments so that they are less likely to produce such outcomes


It’s quite frankly impossible to stop bullying regardless of how hard you try, in the end you’re still going to find someone who’s picking on a person for no reason what so ever, I’ve been through it and I’ve seen it many times.

It’s just people who are trying to be dominate and gain attention, but that should not stop us from spreading awareness and standing up for those people who are going through it currently.


If you can develop healthy relationships between children and their parents, then you can stop bullying. It’s near impossible.


Personally, I think it’s impossible.

Saying you want to stop bullying in a certain school, is asking for the upmost unbelievable thing to happen.

It’s a little thing I like to call SSS, school social stress. The importance of fitting in, in school are more important then ever and it takes sacrifice to do so. Even if it means leaving your friends behind. Sure It makes you seem heartless, and cruel but that’s just what people do the extent of fitting in. And just like that you have bullied someone.

Bullying isn’t something that everyone makes it out to be. No.
It’s much more then saying harsh things to someone or pushing someone into a locker, like in cliche movies. It can be the tiniest things like leaving people behind without even a thought of them.

And that is why we can never stop bullying. Sure we can stop the acts of bullying, but we can’t stop their relationships which is the main reason why people bully. So unless everything is forgotten and forgiven from both parties, big fat chance that bullying will end.


Only in a perfect world can bullying be nonexistent. And we don’t live in a perfect world.

However, it is realistic to reduce bullying, in my opinion.

For example, if a high school student wants to bully other students who are smaller than he/she is but is too afraid to because he or she knows that a lot of other students won’t put up with it and will stand up to the bully, then that bully is less likely to actually pick on others, I think.


Has anyone here been bullied in school? I was bullied by a girl in my class actually, when I was 13 years old.
She did things like put vaseline in my hair and was just generally mean to me.

But, yeah, I agree with @MainerMikeBrown that bullying can be reduced. I think the original question is a bit of a strawman.


One way to reduce bullying in schools is for everyone, including teachers, to realize how serious the consequences of bullying are. Even in this day, I don’t think everyone does.

Reducing the amount of bullying that goes on in schools is very important. Everyone must know this. Everyone must realize this.