What character are you most like?

I have been told that I am mostly like Louise Griffin. What character do you think you are like?:slight_smile:

Not sure which character on TV, but i’m a sarcastic person sometimes, mainly when it comes to humour.

I can also be a moody bastard. Pick a character or two for me.

I would say Frylock, or Carl Brutananadilewski, and no i am not calling you fat, i just think that you are funny and so are both of them… lol

I dunno… maybe the wife (fuzzwifers ) can elaborate on this…
(<-- waits for staci to chime in)

Heck I have no clue.

Strawberry shortcake! HAHAHAHAHA Im only saying that cuz my hair is red and I’m short. No I’m not made out of cake so don’t try to eat me!

Lmao. Nice… I would say my fiance is like quagmire. lmao. not so much on the pimp side, just how cute he is and how he can do glen 100% right.