What did you have for supper today?

The snacks thread got me hungry. Hehe.

Soleil and I had sauteed mushrooms and spinach in olive oil, garlic and onion. She had sourdough toast with hers and we both had pears for dessert, she had whipped cream with hers.

How about you lot?

i tried mcdonald’s double filet o’fish combo.
I got sick afterward. yuck!

Well honey, Maccas doesn’t qualify as food.

I bowl at 6pm on Tues. Fast food is my menu unless I am brave enough to eat at the lanes…that is a last resort.

Blech. Sounds like you need to pack a supper!

last night we had a dish i came up with awhile back, i brown up some hamburger meat, drain it, add taco seasoning and a can of rotel and cook it up. we also eat it with tortillas or bread.

What is rotel?

it is diced tomatoes and jalapenos in a can

Oh, I love jalapenos!

its not bad and it beats having to chop those up yourself