What did you just call me?

When growing up we usually gain a nickname from grandparents or someone close in our family. OTHER than our parents.

What nicknames did you have from people other than your parents that you were related to?

This topic stems from an email I just got from my grandpa which put a smile on my face.

My grandparents still to this day call me Sheyannie Baby lol. :smiley:

And of course motor mouth because I never shut up! My grandpa used to ask me what I was going to do when I ran out of words from talking so much…lol

Moniyaw Iskwew, means white girl. My Capans (great grandparents) gave me that nickname.

My Daddy still calls me Honey Bunny.

My grandfather called me a lot of names growing up.
Everything from “Sonny Boy” to “Knot Head”

Pam Pam(high school friend) or Pammie(best friend in elementary school) or Spam(rhymes) or PARP(coworkers)

Baby, my daughter, queen… Oh shit Steph! What the??? STEPHANIE what did you do!!!





My family has never given me one…

jim did:ninja

Well he calls me sweets… :stuck_out_tongue:

They call me dumbass. But out of respect of course.

Jenny Penny…which morphed into Penny Lane…ironically, one of my friends who never heard me say that and has never met my parents also calls me Penny Lane.

Yiddoo thanks to my dad bitch by my best mate R george hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dumb blonde hun tatt I dont no they call me sumit new everyday

My sister calls me Jane and I call her JJ. It has no relation to our names and we’re not sure how we started it. My little brother jokingly called me Annie the Anorexic for about two weeks. The nickname didn’t stick but he did list me as Annie in his cellphone for awhile. I got the typically Am and Am-am from family, AmberBock from a college friend, Ammerz and Amby from various high school friends.

I suppose I’ll just list other nicknames I’ve had as well. And I’m not talking nicknames that stuck for a week or two all of these I’m still called at times and most started when I was in elementary school.

Wyoming was my nickname from a gym teacher I had all through elementary and middle school and still to this day if I run into him he calls me Wyoming. Get it…Sheyanne as in Cheyenne, WY haha

Peterson is what I got from being football manager.

Red - well I have red hair so that one makes sense.

Shey or Shay - I have some that call me Shey because it’s the first 4 letters of my name, but I have others who call me Shay. I’ve always like Shay better since my grandma is Shy is it’s a little different, but I like Shey so I don’t complain.

LOL and I call my sister Airhead. Her name is Erin…it worked perfectly.

If I go for what my friends call me…


My family sometimes calls me Audj (I dont know how to spell it) but they havent for awhile

I had one guy I knew from 1st grade that always called me Corky

My best friend and I call each other Alfie after a Strohs beer commercial from the early 70’s

Some call me Billy… which I hate… which is where the Allen comes from… in my teens I told my family to call me Allen which is my middle name

When my youngest sister started talking she couldn’t pronounce Brother properly. It always came out bubba buddah, and Bubba just stuck with everyone. She and my mom still call me that to this day nearly 19 years later.